emma, basically 16,                england

obsessed with a multitude of things and too easily dragged into intense new          obsessions

oh my god im booking tickets for guardians and the screening rooms are literally empty. there are 15 taken seats. what even is my town im so done 

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 ♫ … but she’s always a woman to me … ♫ 

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Peter on set Doctor Who Series 8 Filming ~ July 20th 2014

celebrating the carter century  :: new old stills featuring peggy carter

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Your therapist thinks your limp’s psychosomatic. Quite correctly, I’m afraid.

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Soldiers leaving their trench for a raid during the Battle of the Somme; It’s known that this photograph was taken behind the lines and shows a scene specially set up for the photographer.

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I am Groot?

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ph: lorenzo agius

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